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You’re not alone! Many small business owners avoid basic bookkeeping tasks, often to the point where they lose money because they have no idea what they owe and what they are owed.

It doesn’t have to be that way! You are an expert at running your business, and that’s exactly what you should be doing with your time. You shouldn’t worry about reconciling accounts or chasing unpaid invoices. That’s what my team is for. We handle all those financial details you don’t want to tackle. Not just because we are experts, but because we love doing it!

I’m Deb Howard Greenleaf, and my team actually enjoys doing all the things you hate. Imagine being able to focus on growing your business instead of figuring out why your books don’t balance. Now you can! By working with my team, you’ll be able to focus on what matters to you: your business.

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  • Dr. Camille PrestonAIM Leadership LLC

    Deb is the quintessential professional.

    Deb handled my company’s invoicing and bookkeeping with impeccable attention to detail and service for several years. She is reliable, efficient and precise – remembering logistics, following through on details, and always smiling. I appreciate her help and value her expertise in handling my finances. Deb is the quintessential professional – I highly recommend her without hesitation.

  • Andrea HoweBossaNova Consulting Group Inc.

    I can always count on her to have the answers I need.

    It's hard to choose just three attributes to describe Deb--and the title "Bookkeeper" doesn't do her justice. She is a consummate professional who has made managing the finances of my small business *fun*, which is saying a lot given how I feel about managing finances! Deb is steadfast, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable. I always look forward to our calls and interactions, and I know I can always count on her to have the answers I need, oftentimes before I even know I need them. I'd recommend Deb without a moment's hesitation to anyone.

  • Marion WerkheiserCultural Heritage Partners PLLC

    I cannot imagine running my business without Deb.

    I cannot imagine running my business without Deb on my team. My books are always up to date and in order, she promptly and fully answers all my questions, and she and her colleagues are a pleasure to work with. Her virtual business model syncs well with my own work style. I've recommended Deb to many of my own clients-- high praise!

  • Ryoko YamaguchiPlus Alpha Research & Consulting LLC

    I cannot recommend Deb enough.

    Deb is a huge asset for a small company like mine. She manages all the financials, including invoicing and managing my accounts. Further, she brings significant experience supporting small business. This expertise specializing in small businesses is an enormous asset for my company. I cannot recommend Deb enough to other firms.

  • Becky SmerdonQuill Research Associates LLC

    I cannot say enough good things about Deb.

    I always joke that Deb keeps me out of prison. I'm not sure if that is an exaggeration or not, but the truth is that I don't have to worry about it. When anyone asks the best decision I have made growing my own business, I say "Deb Greenleaf" without hesitation. I used to fumble my way through my own books and it took me forever. Not only did she clean up my old fumblings, she has developed systems for me that make all aspects of the financial side of my business a breeze. And, she single handedly stood up to a huge client of mine and proved to them that they owned me a lot of money despite the fact that their financial center believed otherwise. I often ask her to make sure that she is charging me enough because she does so much for me for such a low cost. I cannot say enough good things about Deb.

  • Charles H. GreenTrusted Advisor Associates LLC

    You could not find a better bookkeeper.

    This is one recommendation that was a no-brainer. Deb is off-scale good. Competent; always upbeat; fast response time; great suggestions, creativity. Great client skills. You could not find a better bookkeeper if you spent a month looking.

  • Kristen LindseyApokrisis LLC

    She will be your right-hand woman!

    We have been working with Deb as our accounting and bookkeeping support for many years, and she has been an indispensable member of our team. Her prompt responses, Quickbooks expertise, and general business advice have all been invaluable as we have grown.

    I highly recommend her for any of your accounting needs - she will be your right-hand woman!

  • Marcia FeolaPowerfulWork LLC

    You won’t find anyone better.

    Deb is simply the best!! She is easy to work with, very knowledgeable and she delivers a high quality product. After years of struggling with my financial reports and billing systems, I found Deb and she dove in immediately and created new systems, streamlined my billing process and created regular financial reports. She makes things easy. She is a find!! You won't find anyone better.

  • Libby BaneyAlliance for Safe Online Pharmacies

    Hiring Deb has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business.

    Hiring Deb -- now twice -- has been one of the best decisions I've made for my businesses. Not only is Deb smart and excellent at what she does, she's personable, responsive, and downright fun to work with (how many people can say that about their bookkeeper or accountant?!).

    Deb makes my life exponentially easier, an invaluable asset in any business partner. I can trust that Deb is on-top of things; she executes and follows up with colleagues and clients with professionalism and keen judgment.

    Deb is a problem-solver. She'll find a way to get the job done, often offering creative solutions, new ideas, and suggestions to make operations more efficient. I'm so glad she is on my team!

    I give Deb my highest recommendation.